Weddings are about the beautiful brides

brides getting ready

weddings are about the brides who scream with joy

the dancing brides

weddings are about the laughing couples, romancing couples & the crazy ones

weddings are about the exchange of rings & garlands

weddings are about the jumps of  joy & the dancing friends

weddings are about the rituals & traditions

weddings are about fun and taking selfies

weddings are about the bride being the queen and groom the kings

wedding makes you one forever

weddings mark the start of  journey together

weddings are about the joote ki chori & paise ki loot

weddings are family blessings and about two souls to unite as one forever.


Indian wedding the world over is a lavish affair. The entire event is celebrated with a festive fervour and garlanded with tradition and culture. A marriage holds immense amount of importance and sanctity, it is an occasion that marks new beginnings an auspicious day that welcomes new families, new ties and new lives. To make this blessed union, we at Amit Films with our premium style of photography and a rich experience considered it a privilege and honour to shoot and captured these treasured memories and moments.

Hailing from the same traditional and culture background, no one understands the Indian wedding, the countless number of ceremonies attached to it and value of each day and occasion better than us. Marriages in India are a mainstay in the social calendar of the whole community.

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